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Cisco Upgrades Telefonica’s Critical Network in Spain with Cisco IOS XR & ASR 9000

  • Telefonica invests in ASR 9000 and IOS XR for network running sensitive traffic, using Cisco hardware and software innovation to scale in meeting current and future demands
  • ASR 9000 sets the stage for Telefonica to expand in new ways of cloud scale networking, such as automation, SDN/NFV, telemetry, analytics
  • As a strategic business partner, Cisco is committed to delivering solutions that help make the network simpler, faster, smarter, better

Mission-critical traffic needs special treatment to ensure reliable high-quality delivery for the optimal customer experience. Telefonica, a multinational service provider serving millions of customers with a comprehensive offering and quality of connectivity, has been running such a network trusted by customers for carrying mobile and broadband support services.

To address the ever-changing traffic demands, Telefonica will be upgrading its network in Spain to a next-generation infrastructure with the ASR 9000 and IOS XR to handle such a dynamic environment. Using advanced Cisco Cloud Scale Networking technology of IOS XR, Telefonica can scale and capitalize on programmable networks for enabling simplicity and tighter control in delivering best-in-class services.


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Palo Alto Networks Traps Named a 2016 CRN Product of the Year Winner

Palo Alto Networks, the next-generation security company, today announced that CRN®, a brand of The Channel Company, has named its Traps™ advanced endpoint protection offering the overall winner in the 2016 Product of the Year Awards in the Endpoint Security category. Among the finalists, Traps scored highest in all three areas – Technology, Profit and Revenue, and Customer Demand – as judged by solution providers. Recognized products represent best-of-breed technological innovation as judged by CRN editors and the solution provider community at large.

As a key element of the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform – a natively integrated and automated platform designed to safely enable applications and prevent cyber breaches – Traps advanced endpoint protection distinctively combines the most effective, purpose-built malware and exploit detection methods to prevent known and unknown threats before they can successfully compromise an endpoint. By focusing on detecting and blocking the techniques at the core of these attacks, Traps can prevent sophisticated, targeted, and never-before-seen attacks.

In 2016, for the first time, the top five finalists in all Product of the Year technology categories were selected by CRN editors, while solution providers themselves rated those finalists to determine the winner. The Channel Company surveyed solution provider partners working with each of the finalists, asking them to rate the products on Technology, Revenue and Profit, and Customer Demand. Solution providers considered a number of factors in determining their ratings, including product quality and reliability, technical innovation, ease of integration, potential to drive revenue, and fulfillment of market and customer demands. The survey garnered over 5,000 responses.

“CRN’s Products of the Year certainly bring laudable innovations to market, but they represent much more than technical prowess alone,” said Robert Faletra, CEO of The Channel Company. “These valuable products, such as the Palo Alto Networks Traps product, stand at the intersection of technological excellence, outstanding profit potential and high customer demand. Solution providers will find that our 2016 Products of the Year list serves as a valuable, one-of-a-kind guide to the all-around best new products in today’s IT marketplace.”


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Reactive Phone releases Smart Search & Web Browser on Android today

Super fast and easy web browser for android with ad blocking and incognito mode – Download Smart Search & Web Browser APK 1.7.4 by Reactive Phone – Free Communication Android Apps.

Super fast Web browser for Android with easy way of getting search results from various search engines like Google, Bing and other popular web services like YouTube, Amazon, eBay and Wikipedia.
Quick search and fast Web browser will help you quickly find right site, beautiful images, videos or favorite music.
Download this amazing free Web browser and you will fall in love with it!
+ Rapid launch of browser
+ Rich-featured search box and the ability to do quick search in many search engines and search services
+ Advanced features like ad blocking for efficient and fast browsing and sharing content from Web browser
+ Easy to use interface
+ Autocomplete search queries
+ Easy choice of service for search
+ Visual history for easy access to recently visited websites
+ Search on page of browser window
+ Swipe toggle between several opened tabs in browser
+ Collection of shortcuts of popular websites includes news, sports and social networks
+ Easy managing of Bookmarks list
+ Smart visual history for fast access to the recent visited websites
+ Readability mode
+ Ad blocking
+ Incognito mode
+ Interactive page with various widgets:
Inspiring Quotes, Search Trends, App of The Week and others.

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Sizmek Finds Ad Fraud Exists in Over Half of Uncertified Apps

Ad fraud appears on over half (52%) of uncertified apps and in nearly one tenth (8%) of certified app traffic, according to a new whitepaper released today by Sizmek, an open ad management company for multiscreen experiences. The study, Advertising Fraud in Mobile Apps, uncovers the staggering volume of malicious traffic1—manifested as unsolicited or nonviewable advertising—which has the potential to increase advertiser costs and impart a poor experience for users by slowing phone speeds and draining battery life.

Sizmek analyzed around 20 billion app impressions on iOS and Android devices. In total, approximately 24,000 apps not certified by official stores were discovered to be generating malicious traffic. In addition, although official app stores provide a layer of oversight to prevent fraudulent apps from entering the marketplace, they still find their way onto mobile devices, typically from users downloading from third-party app stores or websites, where malicious app developers place sophisticated and often “legitimate” looking apps. Sizmek found instances of malicious traffic in around 4,000 certified apps.

“Uncertified apps have become a breeding ground for fraud, so brands need to be vigilant with their mobile targeting as well as their blacklists when seeking safe options to reach and impact audiences via mobile,” said Zach Schapira, Global Product Strategist at Sizmek. “If an advertiser is deploying a piece of their budget towards in-app advertising, it’s important that they understand that malicious activity does not discriminate. As a result, it’s vital that advertisers utilize the brand safety measures available to them when planning campaigns.”

Additional key data includes:

  • For iOS devices, half (50%) of illegally downloaded uncertified apps performed malicious activity.
  • Over half (56%) of all uncertified apps on Android devices performed malicious activity.
  • AVG, a common protection suite, discovered less than a quarter (22%) of all malicious apps and under half (43%) of all malicious traffic on uncertified apps.


SAP Buys Attribution Software Company Abakus

Another independent attribution solution is off the market.

SAP said Wednesday that it had purchased Abakus, a move that puts it further into the paid media arena. Terms were not disclosed.

Abakus’ attribution system is unique since it applies game theory to forecast scenarios that influence media buying and optimization. It also uses split-funnel attribution – running its engine in both the upper part of the sales funnel and against lower-funnel activities. This methodology is meant to give advertisers a clearer idea around which marketing activities drove consumers toward a conversion.

Abakus will fold into SAP’s Hybris Marketing Cloud (SAP only began using that branding this year, so don’t feel too out of the loop.)

The software suite includes the hybris ecommerce platform, the HANA analytics platform, and – according to Hybris Marketing Cloud CMO Jamie Anderson – campaign management/automation, marketing resource management and campaign efficiency tools.

“We made a very smart acquisition with Abakus software, which adds another [piece to] the jigsaw,” he said. The Abakus piece lets marketers account for their content as it’s consumed across devices and channels.

While SAP hadn’t been a major player in paid media, that’s changing rapidly. Last May it revealed a proprietary DSP/DMP solution called SAP Exchange Media (XM). And Abakus has strong roots in ad tech. Its founder, Alex Saldanha, was the former CTO of the ad network Exponential.

But while Anderson envisions synergies between XM and Hybris Marketing Cloud, they’re not part of the same portfolio – in fact, Hybris Marketing Cloud has its own DMP, stemming in part from its 2014 acquisition of behavioral marketing startup SeeWhy.

“At the moment, we work very closely with XM but we want to leave those guys alone to innovate,” Anderson said. “We’re aiming toward convergence, but I wouldn’t put a timeline on it.”


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Google’s Programmatic Video Impressions Have Doubled; Yet More Facebook Measurement Flaws

Google’s monthly video ad impressions served via programmatic direct deals have doubled since January, the company told Ad Age. Agencies like the data opportunities with programmatic direct, but some still think of it as an experimental buy. “I absolutely think this will be big in 2017, but we are in early stages,” says Erica Schmidt, managing director at Cadreon North America. “It is a philosophical change when you are going direct and there is going to be an adjustment period.”  More.

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