Firefox for iOS Updated for Speed

Mozilla said it has seen millions of downloads since it released a long-awaited mobile version of its Firefox Web browser for Apple devices in November. Now the company has rolled out an update with what it said are “some big improvements.”

Released yesterday, the latest version of Firefox for iOS features changes aimed at making the browser faster, more flexible and easier to use, according to vice president of Firefox Product Nick Nguyen. For instance, the new browser reduces the impact on processors and memory by double digits, he said.

Writing yesterday on the Mozilla Blog, Nguyen said the new Firefox for iOS received a significant speed boost thanks to the efforts of summer engineer intern Tyler Lacroix. Those improvements will enable users to access Web pages faster with less battery drain, he said.

“In Tyler’s testing, he saw up to 40% reduction in CPU usage and up to 30% reduction in memory usage when using this latest version of Firefox,” Nguyen said yesterday. “Of course, all devices and humans are different so results may vary. Either way, we are psyched to roll out these improvements to you today.”

Another change arriving with this update is a new menu on the Firefox toolbar designed to make it easier for iOS users to add bookmarks, search for text on Web pages and access other frequently used features, Nguyen said. “Navigation in iOS browsers is a huge pain point for users who have come to expect the same seamless experience that’s available on their desktop or laptop,” he said.

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