Mobile advertising not turning off consumers as smartphone use jumps: Nielsen

People are not as annoyed by mobile advertising as you might think, according to Nielsen, which has released a new audience measurement system aimed at capturing the total digital audience that advertisers could reach in Australia.

The research for online advertising industry body the Interactive Advertising Bureau shows that Australians spend more time browsing websites and apps on their smartphones than on any other device.

They spend more than 28 hours per person per month browsing on mobiles, versus 24 hours on computers and less than 20 hours on tablets, according to Nielsen.

That is even though 18 million people use computers to browse the web versus 13 million browsing both websites and apps on smartphones – which have less screen “real estate”, increasing the risk that advertising could be intrusive.

“I thought I might see a lot of short sessions on mobiles in the data, perhaps where people are annoyed by the mobile advertising early on, but we don’t see it,” said Stuart Pike, Nielsen’s head of digital audience measurement for South-east Asia, North Asia and Pacific.



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