Mobile searches booming in Malaysia

A study conducted by Google Malaysia has found that mobile searches among Malaysians is growing in an accelerated rate.

According to the study, the total number of 3G subscribers in Malaysia to date is 10 million with over 51% of adults using a smartphone.

“Interestingly, 49% of Malaysians now have access to the Internet more on smartphone than on computer and 35% of Malaysians only access the Internet through their smartphone,” said Google Malaysia managing director Sajith Sivanandan.

A continuously growing number, the study revealed that as of last year 20% of Malaysians use search twice a week or less while 13% search three to seven times a week, 24% search two to thee times a day while 36% search four or more times a day.

“The device most used for search is the mobile phone, where 52% of Malaysians use it while 36% conduct their searches on computers or laptops and 12% with tablets. Malaysians no longer wait until they go home to search for something, they do it on the go,” said Sajith.

“What’s more interesting is that 24% of women are more likely to use mobile as main device for search compared to men.”

Mobile search has impacted consumer’s shopping behaviour, especially for online purchases and younger people, he added.

“In terms of mobile search triggers action, the study has revealed that nine out of 10 mobile searches lead to looking for more information while visiting a store or site to outright purchasing. These mobile searches help in decision making.”

For mobile ads, he said one out of four people searching on their mobile phone and exposed to these ads are more likely to visit a store or site and are twice likelier to buy something related to the ad.

Google Malaysia also announced that as of today, its online searches for mobile will be more streamlined to cater to the needs of those without a 3G or LTE connection.

“Malaysians are searching on smartphones all the time, but when you’re parked underground with poor connectivity and need to find out something, having to wait for results to load on a slow connection can feel like eternity,” said Sajith.

The new streamlined version of Google’s search page is now allows one to load answers even in slow connections.

“We now automatically check if a user has slow connection and deliver fast loading version of the searches with fewer bytes. The results will remain the same but elements such as images and maps will only show up when they are an essential part of the result.”



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